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With experience in wealth management, insurance solutions, retirement, and estate planning, we are committed to working with you, your family, and your business through multiple generations.

We offer a team approach that looks at both the forest and the trees such that the big picture remains in focus as we zoom into the fine details that are important to you.

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Meet The Team

Chris Anderson<small> MBA, B.Ed, B.Sc, CHS, CFP</small>

Chris Anderson MBA, B.Ed, B.Sc, CHS, CFP

Senior Investment Advisor
Chris Gerlinsky<small> CFP, CHS, EPC</small>

Chris Gerlinsky CFP, CHS, EPC

Senior Investment Advisor
Elizabeth Gaumont<small> CFP</small>

Elizabeth Gaumont CFP

Investment Advisor
Ian Goodman <small> CFA</small>

Ian Goodman CFA

Portfolio Manager - Harbourfront Wealth Management
Shirley Schultz

Shirley Schultz

Executive Assistant
Kim Cardinal

Kim Cardinal

Advisor Assistant
Jillian Underwood

Jillian Underwood

Marketing Coordinator

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