About Riverrock

About RiverRock Private Wealth Partners


Our personal approach helps our clients gain clarity and confidence while navigating through the many opportunities and challenges we face now and in the future.


To go beyond 'out of the box' thinking and provide creative, unique, and objective solutions to complex problems. Together we help achieve the goals and lifestyle that are important to you.


Private, unconstrained, holistic wealth management and insurance solutions for successful professionals, business owners and individuals.

Finding Options Specifically Suited to You

The world of Wealth Management and Financial Planning can be a complicated ecosystem with confusings options, rules, and strategies at your disposal. Our whole business revolves around helping you find the best strategy for your specific goals. Everyone has a different outlook on life, and reason for undertaking true understanding and management of their wealth. It is our job to understand and manage those individualities in order to point you in the right direction and help you grow your wealth.

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Chris Anderson<small> MBA, B.Ed, B.Sc, CHS, CFP</small>

Chris Anderson MBA, B.Ed, B.Sc, CHS, CFP

Senior Investment Advisor
Chris Gerlinsky<small> CFP, CHS, EPC</small>

Chris Gerlinsky CFP, CHS, EPC

Senior Investment Advisor
Elizabeth Gaumont<small> CFP</small>

Elizabeth Gaumont CFP

Investment Advisor
Ian Goodman <small> CFA</small>

Ian Goodman CFA

Portfolio Manager - Harbourfront Wealth Management
Shirley Schultz

Shirley Schultz

Executive Assistant
Kim Cardinal

Kim Cardinal

Advisor Assistant
Jillian Underwood

Jillian Underwood

Marketing Coordinator
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